Jacqueline R. Robinson

What do you do when life takes an unexpected turn? You step back, close your eyes, take a deep breath and allow yourself to dream of all the possibilities. That is exactly what I did as a result of being downsized after 27 years at my last company and ending a career of 30 years within the Pharmaceutical Industry. After four days of contemplating the option of taking another position or a retirement package, I opted for the latter. On day five, I turned to my husband and said “I am stepping out on faith. There has to be something else for me to do”. Thus began my journey in appreciating the true power of faith and life lessons that come with accepting the unexpected. My journey allowed me to realize my passions and begin taking steps to pursue my purpose.

Steps in the journey…

One of my possibilities was pursuing my passion for interior design. After completing an Interior Design Certificate program at Middlesex County College in 2010, I decided to continue studying at the New York School of Interior Design. I later joined Elegant Interiors by Sabrina, where I currently work as a designer for the firm. At Elegant Interiors by Sabrina, we help clients create a home that reflects their lifestyle and personality. The result is a home that nurtures and inspires. Prior to joining Elegant Interiors, I worked as an independent business consultant for Robinson & Company in a consulting assignment for a major facility in Princeton, NJ. I continue to provide business consulting services through Robinson & Company sharing my sales and marketing experience with small businesses.

Another possibility led to my starting the Life 2.0 Community.  The Life 2.0 Community began as the result of two questions that I was constantly asked “How are you doing after retiring?” and “Can I talk to you because I am thinking about what I want to do next?” I am passionate about helping people become the person they were meant to be and live life at their best. I became a Certified Seminar Leader through the American Seminar Leaders Association and developed the Life 2.0 Community. The goal of the programs offered are to help you define your passions, skills/talents that you enjoy using and let them guide you to your purpose.

As I began to share the ups and downs of my journey, I realized that what happened to me was truly a blessing in disguise. It forced me to search and go within myself to:

  • Do things afraid- trusting that I would always be guided down the right path.
  • Acknowledge the talents and skills that I developed in my career were needed beyond the corporate world.
  • Allow yourself to dream big dreams because you never know what life has in store for you.
  • Understand that the things that make our hearts soar are always within us, we just allow them to get buried when we let others define a successful life for us.

What I am passionate about:

I am passionate about living the life that we were created to live based upon our skills, talents and personality.  My purpose is to use my gifts of encouragement, inspiration, directness and the ability to bring out the potential in others so they too can live a fulfilling life utilizing their own unique gifts, talents and skills.  I want my gifts to impact my family and those who are less fortunate.  I believe our passions are meant to be of sevice to others.  I value spirituality, family, creativity and empathy.  I want to always be challenged -to follow crooked paths rather than straight paths.  I want to be amazed and not fearful of the unexpected turns of life because I believe the turns will allow me to become the “who” that I was meant to be.  I want to be a student of the world-to see and experience the beauty of this place called Earth.

Corporate Experience:

I was in the Pharmaceutical Industry for over 30 years. My last position as a Hospital District Sales Manager allowed me to further develop my leadership, relationship building, strategic planning and communication skills to effectively work with all levels from peers to senior management within and outside the company. Although I received numerous sales awards throughout my career, being recognized for exemplary leadership skills as a recipient of Merck’s “Amazing Women of 2007” award was a true honor for me. It is one of my most cherished awards because I was nominated by someone who was part of my team.

The Life 2.0 Show:

  • Co-Producer & Co-Host of  “The Life 2.0 Show”

Adjunct Instructor:

I am currently teaching excerpts of the Life 2.0 Program at:

  • Westchester Community College, Adult Education Program: Lifelong Learning & Professional Development, A Division of Continuing Education & Workforce Development


You are invited to become a part of the Life 2.0 movement by joining the Life 2.0 Community.   Just download the complimentary resources and begin discovering your best Life 2.0!