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“What is The Life 2.0 Community?”

So what do you do when life takes an unexpected turn?  You step back, close your eyes, take a deep breath and allow yourself to dream of all the possibilities.  That is exactly what I did as a result of being downsized after 27 years aat my last company and ending a career of 30 years in the Pharmacetutical Industry.  After four days of contemplating the option of taking another position or a retirement package, I opted for the later.  On day five, I turned to my husband and said, “I’m stepping out on faith.  There has to be something else fir ne to do.”  Thus began my journey in appreciating the power of faith and life lessons tha come with the unexpected.  Join me on this episode of  “Living Life 2.0″ podcast as I explain why I started the Life 2.0 Community and my journey in creating my second act.
Donna Chambers, Executive Consultant at Rodan & Fields

“New Beginings in Life 2.0″

Donna Chamabers, Executive Consultant of Rodan & Fields shares her heart warming story of overcoming life challenges,  finding a successful career as an entrepreneur and the love of her life in Life 2.0.   She shares her lessons learned from living pay check to paycheck as a single mom to charting a course on personal growth.  Donna is a perfect example of how believing in yourself, having faith and never giving up can lead to new beginnings in Life 2.0.


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Robyn Graham of Robyn Graham Photography, LLC

“Living a Fulfiling Second Act”

Our conversation with Robyn Graham of Robyn Graham Photography, LLC could have gone on for hours. This podcast is an interview from “The Life 2.0 Show”.   What a joy to have the opportunity to talk with someone who has truly found her passion, purpose and is living a fulfilling second act! Robyn said that she always wanted to have a high powered job and wear a suit but juggling two careers and no longer having family support forced her and her husband to make a decision.  Her husband encouraged her to pursue her hobby of photography as her new career.  Blogging led her to getting her first client as a photographer, a pianist.  She encouraged her to paint her toe nails bright red and shot her sitting on top of a piano with her feet on the piano keys! Robyn says that after seeing the results of that shoot she new she had found her passion and purpose.  Her story is a story that many women can relate to.  Often times when life brings about changes it is also an opportunity to do something different.  To pursue those dreams that you have put on the back shelf.  So, what’s your next?  What is life going to put in your path that will encourage you to start the journey to your second act?  Robyn’s story is not only encouraging but she also shares some ways to help you create your Life 2.0-Second Act. 
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Co-hosts-Sabrina Teekah & Jacqueline Robinson “The Life 2.0 Show”

 “Honoring Yourself in Everyday Spaces”

What are the spaces in your home that allow you to slow down and catch your breath during the day or at the end of the day?  For most people it is their bedroom or simply a favorite chair. In this episode from “The Life 2.0 Show”,  Sabrina and I highlight two areas in your home to relax and “honor yourself”-Bedrooms and Sitting Areas.   We all lead busy lives and our home should be a place to end the day by un-winding and relaxing. A beautifully designed space is key to honoring yourself because it simply says “you are worthy”.  Not only do we highlight some beautiful and relaxing spaces, we also discuss from a design perspective why they work.  This episode includes a link to “The Life 2.0 Show” that allows you to see the spaces discussed in this episode.