Keynote Presentation at Brookdale Community College-Fall 2016


 Here’s what participants are saying about our seminars & workshops.

From our workshop participants:                   

“Gave you parameters to help you approach your goals, interests & talents you can use.”

“Thought provoking, good resources and excellent examples.”

“This workshop was very inspiring and informatiove.  Jacqueline is so knowledgeable and the other participant’s stories were very helpful.”

 From our seminar participants:

“This is a seminar that everyone could use to learn what their life is truly all about and where they are going in their life. This seminar also verified that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do, just don’t give up.”

 “I thought it was excellent and gave me a lot to think about. It gave me a starting point. I also need to spread my horizons.”

“There is life after the corporate world. Life is just beginning.”

 “Awesome experience! It was just what I needed.”